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Dance (Pre & Comp)

AGES 6 +

No costume or recital required

This dance class will be a combination class incorporating more advanced levels of both Jazz and Ballet. These two styles of dance will help twirlers reach their full potential of dance and baton plus athletes will continue to develop proper dance technique to help improve their overall twirling. The class will be a format of across the floor dancing, centre floor practices, bar work and fun combos. 

Pre 1 - Prerequisite - Enrolled in  Pre 1 baton class 

Pre 2/3 - Mandatory for these classes (or enrolled at another dance studio)

Comp - Coach recommended



Acro Dance (Pre & Comp)

AGES 6 +

Acro (acrobatics/gymnastics for dancers) classes will be based on the 'Acrobatic Arts' syllabus and progressions.  Focus will be on strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling. 

Participants will work towards and take Acrobatic Arts exams once a year (likely outside of class time).

Equipment required: Floor mats will need to be provided by the student.

Click here for suggested mat for purchase

Pre 1/2/3 - Prerequisite - Enrolled in a baton class 

Beginner Baton - Prerequisite - Enrolled in a baton class 

Comp - Coach recommended


Juggling (Pre & Comp)

AGES 6 +

Recommended for Pre Competitive & Competitive Athletes

Juggling - This class will offer skills from beginner level up to intermediate.  These skills will assist with the 2 and 3 baton routines.  There will also be a chance to learn some unique juggling skills for fun!

Prerequisite is to be enrolled in a baton class.


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