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Bingos are the primary funding source for Central Region and it enables CR to subsidize the costs of club gym rentals, ABTA Fall Camp, Provincials, Nationals, Worlds (during World years) and Nation’s Cup (during NC years).  In order to get this all important funding we need volunteers to help fill the many shifts we have throughout the year. Each bingo event that we work generates over $1500 for the Central Region. Your athlete benefits directly from this to keep the costs of this sport more affordable

You also benefit directly by receiving funding for each shift you work!


  • Held at the Bingo Barn located at 1107 – 33rd Street NE in Calgary (beside Army and Navy store)
  • You need to be 18 and have an ABTA membership number to work Bingos; this is set up at the beginning of the season through ASHT

     ASHT expects:

  • All competitive athlete families to work a minimum of four (4) bingos
  • Pre-competitive III athlete families to work a minimum of three (3) bingos
  • Pre-competitive II athlete families to work a minimum of two (2) bingos

       If these minimums are not worked or signed up for by April 1st each year, there is a penalty fee of $150 PER BINGO SHIFT MISSED charged to your account.

      To ensure each club has an equal opportunity to work bingos, each year Central Region sets an initial limit on the number of bingos you can sign up. You may sign up for more if there is a need for workers to fill vacant positions.

      Each bingo worked generates funding for our club and individual funding for your athlete; these amounts are determined each year based on what CR provides. Your individual funding is paid out at the end of the season once appropriate receipts are provided.



How much do I get for working a bingo?

  • Central Region gets money for each bingo worked but you/your athlete will also get an amount for each bingo you work.  This amount can change slightly year to year depending on the financial situation of the Central Region Board or AGLC rules.
  • Currently for the 2023/24 season the amount is $75/bingo shift
  • In most cases ASHT is able to provide Central Region with appropriate receipts for this amount, but may ask you to provide baton related receipts in order to collect this amount.

When do I get paid for bingos worked?

  • ASHT strives to payout your bingo funding twice a year.  
    • July 1 - Dec 31 Bingos - Jan 15th
    • Jan 1 - June 30 Bingos - July 15th

What Time is Bingo?

  •   Start times are set but bingo is a game therefore the end times can vary. The times listed below are estimates only. If available, you can work two shifts together (morning and afternoon or evening and late night).

MORNING: 8:30am-12pm                                 AFTERNOON: 10:30-3:30pm                 

EVENING: 4:30-9:30pm                                    LATE NIGHT: 9:30pm-1:30am

What about meal/break times?

  •           Each bingo worker is entitled to a 15-20 minute meal break during each shift.
  •           Central Region covers the cost of your meal from the onsite concession to a maximum amount; you are responsible for any overage.

What positions do we work?

  • Ticket sales, ball sellers, money runner, verifier, or paymaster. Positions are generally determined by the bingo organizer.

What if I can’t attend?

  •       When you book a bingo, you are expected to fulfill the commitment as we are charged significantly for each position not filled
  •       If you can no longer attend, you need to find your own replacement (another club member or family member). This person needs an ABTA membership number or needs to pay $10 to receive an ABTA number.
  •       Inform the Central Region coordinator of the changes
  •       It is important to keep track of when you are scheduled to work; you should receive an email reminder a couple days before.


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