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ASHT Policies

There is a wealth of information in the ASHT handbook in addition to all the polices listed below.  Please ensure your athlete and the parents of the ASHT athletes are aware of all this information.




ASHT strives to promote a safe, supportive environment that encourages all athletes to be their best and support one another regardless of any differences. Athletes are expected to share a common vision that promotes a team spirit and individual growth of all members of the Club.

Athletes in all programs should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of good character and other important life skills. This code applies to all athletes involved in the ASHT club.  I understand that to be a member athlete in good standing, I must act in accord with the following:


  • I will be worthy of trust in all I do.
  • I will live up to high ideals of ethics and sportsmanship and always pursue victory with honour; I shall do what’s right even when it’s unpopular or personally costly.
  • I shall compete honourably; I will not lie, cheat, steal or engage in any other dishonest or unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • I will strive to fulfill commitments; I will do what I say I will do.


  • I will always treat all people with respect, and I will expect the same of other athletes.
  • I understand that being punctual to my session will maintain and promote respect for my fellow athletes and coaches.
  • I will be a good sport and will be gracious in victory and shall accept defeat with dignity; I shall compliment extraordinary performance and show sincere respect.
  • I will turn defeat into victory by continually working to improve my skills and good sportsmanship.
  • I will remember that giving my best effort is as important as victory.
  • I will not engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort including profanity, obscene gestures, and offensive remarks of a sexual or racial nature, taunting, boastful celebrations or other actions that disrespect individuals or the sport.
  • I will treat all judges with respect and will not complain about or argue with any decisions during or after a baton event or test.
  • I will treat all volunteers and board members with respect both within my club and at competitions and events outside my club.
  • I will treat all coaches with respect both within my club and at competitions and events outside my club.


  • I will be punctual for all classes, extra practices, special sessions/workshops, and competitions. I will let my coach know beforehand if I cannot make these time commitments.
  • I will set realistic goals and work to achieve them.
  • I shall remember that participation in sports is a privilege, not a right and that I am expected to represent my club, coach, and myself with honour, both on and off the stage. I shall consistently exhibit good character and conduct myself as a positive role model.
  • I recognize the importance of safeguarding my health; I shall not use any illegal or unhealthy substances including alcohol, tobacco, drugs or engage in any unhealthy techniques to gain, lose, or maintain weight.


  • I shall live up to high standards of fair play; I will be open-minded and always willing to listen and learn.
  • I will demonstrate concern for others and never intentionally injure any athlete or engage in reckless behaviour that might cause injury to me or others.
  • I will strive to be proud of my sport and a credit to it.
  • When recovering from an injury, I will follow the advice of my physician in determining when I am ready to twirl again.
  • Be aware of the physical fitness value of baton twirling.


  • All personal conversations must happen before or after class and during breaks. This is a training environment, and all socializing must be done elsewhere.
  • When practicing, all athletes must learn to pay attention to what is happening on the floor and adjust and execute their skills around lessons, programs, etc.
  • Politely calling out “excuse me” or “heads up” when needed.
  • All language on the floor must be polite and respectful including any body language and gestures. Any foul language may result in loss of privileges.
  • Athletes must ask or let a coach know before exiting the class during a session. This is for safety and attendance reasons.
  • Only healthy snacks are permitted in the gym during class time.


ASHT is committed to ensuring that all athletes can participate in a safe and welcoming environment that encourages and promotes their overall development. Parents have an enormous influence on the athlete’s experience in the sport and the quality of the athletes’ experience is heavily influenced by the way parents conduct themselves in the ASHT club.

In this Parent Code of Conduct, “Parent and Parents” shall refer to “Parent(s) and Guardians of Athletes registered in the Club.” This code applies to all parents who are members of ASHT or have children who are members of ASHT. Parents are always expected to abide by this code while engaged in ASHT club activities or competition.

  • All Parents are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner consistent with the values of integrity, fair play, open communication and mutual respect.
  • Parents must not enter the coaching space or gym, uninvited by the coach or assistant at any time; this includes before, during and after regular coaching hours.
  • Parents shall always model positive and responsible behaviour and communicate with their child that they expect them to do the same.
  • Parents shall always treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy, and respect, including but not limited to athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, other parents and all other individuals that are part of any ASHT club activity.
  • Parents shall refrain from any behaviour or comments, which are profane, insulting, harassing, sexist, racist, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise offensive.
  • Parents shall emphasize the importance of values like sportsmanship, respect, cooperation, competition and teamwork to their athlete offering praise for competing fairly, participation and skill development.
  • Parents shall model and encourage their athlete to maintain a healthy balance between baton and life. (i.e., school, other activities, social life, etc.)
  • Parents shall model and encourage balanced, healthy food choices and subscribing to an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Parents shall set high, but reasonable expectations for their child’s participation in baton focusing on development and enjoyment for the child.
  • Parents shall instill confidence in their child’s ability and skill development, always avoiding comparisons with other athletes.
  • Parents shall celebrate the acquisition of skills and goals achieved by their child.
  • Parents, along with the professional coach and the athlete, shall be considered members of a team. The parent's main concern is to support and encourage the athlete in their overall progress and development.
  • Parents shall respect that the professional coach is responsible and empowered for the on‐stage and training development of the athlete.
  • A parent’s role shall be to take a healthy interest in their child’s progress and development and be responsible for the child’s nutrition, rest, adherence to training regimen set by the coach or other fitness professional, overall health, life‐balance and moral and emotional support.
  • Parents shall ensure their athlete wears proper baton attire for regular classes and competitions.
  • Parents shall openly support and uphold this code of conduct policy and act to ensure other parents follow and uphold this code of conduct policy.

For parents, athletes and visiting spectators:

  • Athletes always give your best effort, both individually and as a team.
  • Respect:
    • Others (coaches, teammates, judges, baton twirlers from other clubs, parents)
    • The facilities (building, change rooms, public spaces indoors, etc.)
    • The surrounding grounds (parking lots, sidewalks, and grounds)
  • During competitions, the athletes receive score sheets; at no time should these score sheets be removed or read by another parent or athlete. These scores are to be picked up only by the individual athlete or parent of the athlete.
  • If at any point you have questions pertaining to your score sheet, you can send an e-mail to one of your coaches or schedule a meeting. At no time should a parent or athlete address a judge and ask for an explanation on a score. These types of questions are to be addressed with the coach.
  • At no time should an athlete, parent, or spectator (unless volunteering) enter the competition floor or tabulation room.
  • Please remember that competition can be a very exciting and emotional time for your athletes, we always need to remember to stay positive and be supportive. Any non-sportsmanship behaviour witnessed will be addressed.
  • Good sportsmanship and encouraging cheering.
  • Stay seated during routines and while the music is playing.
  • No flash photography!
  • Spectators need to stay on the sidelines and not walk across the gym floor.
  • Attendance at group practice is vital to the success of the group.
  • While occasional absences are to be expected due to illness, the expectation at the competitive level is to attend all group practices.
  • The coach should be notified of any absence and reason prior to the practice.
  • For all competitive athletes the board is to be notified in writing (within 30 days) of any absence longer than two weeks.
  • If an athlete on a competitive team is consistently absent or late for group practice from September through December, that athlete risks forfeiting their spot in the group.
  • At the discretion of the coach, the athlete maybe be:
    • asked to hold the place of the alternate within the group (would still be expected to attend group practices for the remainder of the season and attend all competitions)
    • be removed from group altogether
  • If the athlete is removed from the group, the athlete is no longer a member of the ASHT Club as groups are mandatory at the competitive level (except for athletes who have graduated from high school).
  • This athlete is still responsible for any costume and/or group fees.

Given that ASHT is a parent run, non-profit organization, there is an expectation that all families will get involved in some way; some options are outlined below.

Serve on the ASHT Executive (All positions are nominated for 2-year terms)

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Be on the Parent Board

We have several non-executive director roles:

  • Registrar
  • Facility Scheduler
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Internal/External Events Coordinator

Be an active member of ASHT

  • Attend parent meetings
  • Be a Parent Lead
  • Be a Committee Lead
  • Assist with Special Events

All competitive athletes’ families are expected to work a minimum of 2 bingos each year. All Pre Comp 3/4 athletes' families are expected to work 1 bingo each year. Central Region funding is linked to bingos worked and helps offset the clubs gym costs and keep fees low.  Both the athlete AND the club can receive funding for the bingo shifts that are worked.

Once you have signed up for a bingo it needs to be fulfilled.  If you cannot attend please find a replacement or we are fined $100 which will be passed along to whomever was a no show for their scheduled shift.

Please look through the handbook for more detailed information about bingos.


ASHT is following all provincial regulated COVID-19 guidelines as well as each site Facility protocols. The guidelines are constantly changing and we expect athletes and parents to adhere to the latest restriction guidelines as posted by Alberta Health Services.


Should your child wish to withdraw during the season, one month’s notice is required. Notice must be provided to the Chair or Co-Chair in writing. If adequate notice is not provided, the last month’s fees will be held in lieu.

FACILITY AND/OR ENROLMENT LIMITATION ASHT runs its programs from third party facilities and that while every effort is made to maintain class dates/times, periodically due to facility conflicts or low enrolment, ASHT may need to cancel or reschedule classes and/or times.


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