Airdrie Sky High Twirlers 

Twirling to the top!

Bottle Drives:

No current events

If you are interested in raising funds through future bottle drives, you are invited to help organize events.

Purdy's Chocolate:


CR Bingo's

Help support our region and offset your baton costs by working bingo's for the region.  Funds raised help support athletes in the region through gym funding subsidies, coaches training and athlete funding for those attending ABTA camps, Provincials and Nationals.

Credits can be earned through working bingos for Central Region.  Receipts must be submitted to receive credits.  Eligible receipts include Competition entry fees, 1/2 of hotel costs, travel costs (gas) and food for the athlete.  Please make sure you have itemized receipts and ensure that only expenses for athletes are listed (no alcohol).  If you are submitting receipts to ABTA for funding, please ensure that you are not using the same receipts. - For more details, see buttons below

Workers are reminded that they need to show up for any shifts that they sign up for or they will be charged a $100 fine.  Workers are expected to stay until the end of the bingo and help with other duties once they have finished their ticket sales.  No one working can be drinking alcohol or gambling. - For more details, see buttons below.

2018/19 Bingo Sign Up

You can now sign up for your 2 bingo's for Central Region (to be eligible for CR funding - these must be worked by January 31st, 2019) and up to 2 additional bingos.  (amount to be paid out still TBD)  Additional bingo's may be added throughout the year and will be added below as they become available.