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Twirling to the top!

Need help getting ready for Competition Season?  Look no further!

Parents: Please remember that you are not allowed in the practice gym or on the competition floor. Please note: that you or your athletes are not allowed to approach the judges. If you have a question or concern – let the sky high coach know and they will handle it in the correct and professional manner.  All parents and athletes are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct.  It can be a long day (especially for the competitive athletes) so plan for it with plenty of water, snacks and patience!  A great way to pass the time is to help out.  Competitions can only happen with the help of volunteers so make sure to make some time to help out! 


Individual Costumes: All individual costumes should be worn with Beige Jazz shoes and beige tights. Bodysuits with or without skirts are perfect for Pre-Events, Medley, Solo, 2-B, 3-B. Costumes with pants are appropriate for Solo Dance Twirl, Artistic Twirl, Artistic Pair, Freestyle and Pair only.  Looking for costumes?  Check our ASHT Facebook page for used costumes at great prices or head to Attitude Dance Wear & Costumes Ltd. where you will find new and used costumes or can have one custom made.


Compulsory Costumes:  Compulsory Event: Level B & C must wear either a plain black bodysuit or the official CBTF compulsory bodysuit. Level A Compulsories & Short Program athletes must wear the official CBTF Compulsory bodysuit.


General Costume Rules:  Do not wear tights with runs in them and no underwear under tights please! Absolutely no bra straps showing!  Make sure all accessories and bling are secured well.


Hair: Long hair must be secured back in a tight bun or high curly pony tail. Please ensure all chunky bangs and wispies are hair sprayed down completely all day!


Make-up: All athletes must wear make-up: Blush, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner etc. Make-up must be reapplied throughout the day! And “yes” this includes lip stick!


**Baton Tape: New CBTF regulations state that baton tape can only cover 1/2 of the baton shaft.  To figure out how to tape your baton, measure the shaft of your baton and divide that number by 4.  Then locate the centre of your baton and the tape can only extend 1/4 of the shaft length from this point.  Tape should be the twirl baton tape sold at East Side Sports.  Black electrical tape can be used to secure the ends of the tape provided it does not pass the 1/4 mark from the centre of the baton.


What to pack: Remember to pack the night before:  Clean Baton(s) – no stickers, all costumes, emergency sewing kit, clean tights, extra tights, clean jazz shoes, hair pins, hair net, hair clips, hair spray, make-up, towel, track jacket, black yoga pants, healthy food, water.

Scoring: Here is an information package on how the scoring works for all the new twirlers

Competition Reminders:  Come early - 15 minutes early or you are late is a good rule of thumb - and make sure all hair and make-up is competition ready.  Have fun!  Cheer for your friends and athletes from other clubs.  Be positive and respectful.  If you have a difficult moment - maybe the "No Drama Llama" can help!  Remember, only pick up your own sheets unless your friends specifically ask you to pick theirs up.

Need help with your make-up for competition?  Check out these videos!

(Note: you do not need to use the brands suggested below or the false eyelashes)

Need help making a bun?  Check out this video!

High Curly Pony:

Follow the steps in the above video for a high pony and then instead of a bun, create tight curls either by rolling slightly damp hair in small foam rollers and allowing to dry overnight (note that "dirty" hair holds the curls better and you will need to tidy up the loose hairs from the pony with hairspray in the morning), or with a spiral curling iron if your child's hair holds curl well.  Make sure to spray the finished curls with hairspray so that they will last for the day of competition!  If you cannot see the curly pony from the front, your pony is not high enough.