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Twirling to the top!

**Freestyle and Pair Specific Training

Extra Training Program for Athletes BN and up

This special baton twirling program is designed to support those athletes whose goals include competing at the International Level in one or more of the following events: freestyle, pair, artistic twirl and artistic pair.  Each year, support will be given to those athletes competing in the events corresponding with that competition year:  Worlds year - freestyle and pair; IC year - artistic twirl and artistic pair.  Training will take place on 20 Sundays throughout the season.  (See Calendar for details) Cost TBD.


Acrobatics and Dance are vital to athlete development so the following additions to our class offerings will help our twirlers achieve their full potential:

Beginner and Inter/Advanced Acro Classes

One hour per week focused on developing Acrobatic Dance skills based on the "Acrobatic Arts" Syllabus

Jazz Ballet Dance Combo Class

One hour per week focused on a combo of Ballet and Jazz skills teaching participants fundamental basics of dance techniques 

Rolls and Compulsories Classes

One and a half hour per week focused on rolls and compulsories for A and B level athletes.  A great complement to Freestyle training as compulsories make up 25% of the Freestyle score.

Private Lessons

Looking to add a Freestyle or Pair routine?  

Maybe you just want to add something to your Solo, Medley or 2/3 Baton routine.  

Private lessons from our coaches are available upon request.

CBTF Badge Program

Badge skills are built into our programs and athletes will work towards earning various CBTF badges at the different levels of baton culminating in the Gold/Diamond Pins.

Please note that those athletes who wish to compete in the Freestyle event will need to achieve their Gold/Diamond Pins.