Airdrie Sky High Twirlers 

Twirling to the top!


Seventeen Airdrie Sky High Twirlers traveled to Saint John New Brunswick to compete at the Canadian National Baton Twirling Championships from July 2nd to the 5th 2017. The competition was fierce with competitors from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as well as Alberta.

Over 50 medals were awarded to Airdrie Sky High athletes in individual, duet and group events! 

Here is a list of the medal and winners from ASHT:

3 Baton: Level A: 12-14 yrs: 5th Emily Lewall, 15-17yrs: 4th Mikayla McDonald, 5th Kendall Patton, 18+yrs: 4th Taelyr Patton

3 Baton: Level B-Intermediate:  9-11yrs: 1st Paige Epp,  2nd Marissa Bieleny, 3rd Megan Smith; 12-14yrs: 1st Brooke Mauro, 4th Anna Wiedemann; B-Intermediate: 15-17yrs:  2nd Emily Mathewson, 3rd Meghan Schulz

3 Baton: Level B-Novice: 12-14yrs: 1st Hannah Cooper,  2nd Kadence d’Haene, 3rd Kayley White; 15-17yrs: 3rd Jurni Pruden

2 Baton: Level BI 9-11yrs:  2nd Marissa Bieleny, 5th Megan Smith; 12-14yrs: 1st Brooke Mauro, 5th Anna Wiedemann; 15-17yrs: 4th Meghan Schulz

Solo: Level A: 12-14yrs: 5th Brooke Mauro; 15-17yrs: 5th Meghan Schulz

Solo: Level BI:  9-11yrs: 1st Marissa Bieleny, 2nd Paige Epp, 3rd Megan Smith, 5th Kensey Epp; 12-14yrs: 4th Kadence d’Haene, 5th Emily Lewall; 15-17yrs: 3rd Jurni Pruden

Duet: Level A Combined ages of 35+: 2nd Kendall Patton/Taelyr Patton; 

Duet: Level BI Combined ages of 17-23: 1st Marissa Bieleny/Megan Smith

Medley: Level A: 15-17yrs: 4th Meghan Schulz

Medley: Level BI: 9-11yrs: 2nd Marissa Bieleny, 4th Megan Smith; 12-14yrs: 5th Kayley White

Solo Dance Twirl: Level A: 12-14yrs: 4th Brooke Mauro

Solo Dance Twirl: Level BI: 9-11yrs: 1st Marissa Bieleny, 3rd Megan Smith; 12-14yrs: 3rd Anna Wiedemann; 15-17yrs: 1st Mikayla McDonald, 2nd Jurni Pruden, 5th Kendall Patton

Freestyle: Juvenile B: 1st Marissa Bieleny; Junior B: 1st Kadence d'Haene; 4th Emily Lewall;  Senior B: 5th Jurni Pruden; 

Pair: Juvenile B pair: 1st Bieleny /Smith

ASHT Groups: Broadway Baby 2nd (juv A sm dance twirl team); Kero Kero 4th (jr A sm dtt); Set Fire 3rd (sr A sm dtt); Trance 3rd (WBTF Freestyle A Team); Let It In 1st (WBTF Freestyle B team). 

So, it's that time of year again for baton registration!

Coaches will be handing out recommendation letters for the 2017/18 season to athletes this week.

Registration forms can be emailed to

If you need any help with this registration please ask your parent lead.

If you are new to baton and interested in joining us for the 2017/18 season, please email for more information.

Here is an information package on how the scoring works for our new twirlers


Q. How old does my child have to be to twirl?

A. We can accomodate all ages!

Q. Where do I buy a baton?

A. Jeanette at East Side Sports is a pro at measuring and fitting your child with the correct baton for them.

Q. Can I try it out to see if my child likes it prior to committing to a season?

A. The 8 week program is a perfect fit for athletes who want to give it a try!

Monday, Jul 24 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Tuesday, Jul 25 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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