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Twirling to the top!

Twirling Tots:

New session will start September!

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Twirling tots is designed for the young dancer who is between the ages of 3-5 years of age and ready for a challenge!  This 45 minute class combines the high energy of Jazz dance, the gracefulness of Ballet, the challenges of Acro and the hand-eye coordination of Baton Twirling.  Fun and creativity play a big part in this class but now the focus is on increasing flexibility, body awareness and musicality.  This 45 min class provides an excellent foundation for further training in all areas of dance, acrobatics and baton twirling.  

CONTINUING in 2019/20 - Purely Recreational Class!!

This program is a great option for those twirlers who have tried our Baton 8 week "Try It!" session and want to continue to build on their new skills without the commitment of group or competition or just want to participate in a year long recreational class.  Participants will have the opportunity to work towards ribbons and badges.

Pre-Competitive Beginner Programs:

        *Program 1 (ages 5-7)

        *Program 2 (ages 8 and up)

         *ages may be combined if necessary

Our pre-competitive programs are an excellent introduction to the sport of twirling. We offer one hour/week classes for ages 5-7* and ages 8 and over*.  In this program participants will learn Individual Pre-events such as Basic March, Forward Motion, Pre-Solo, and Pre-Medley. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a Group Dance Twirl.  The athletes will also start their training on CBTF Badge skills.  The athletes will have the opportunity to compete in both Group and Individual events at two local competitions as well as any out of town competitions that the parents vote to attend.

Pre Competitive C Program:

(Formerly Recreational C Program)

This program offers an introduction to competitive baton at a reduced commitment level.  This one hour per week program will build on the skills learned in the pre-competitive beginner program.  Included in the baton schedule will be Group and Individual Pre Events (basic march, forward motion, pre-medley, pre-solo dance twirl) and mini solo.  Athletes will continue to work on the CBTF Badge skills.  The athletes will compete at 2 local competitions and any out of town competitions that the parents vote to attend.